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Welcome to Litscape Art!

Litscape Art offers an extensive selection of art prints and posters, with titles by more than 30,000 artists.If you are looking for a piece of art to fit a certain location, be sure to change the wall color in the upper right corner, to match that of your desired location. The right piece will jump out at you. You can price or purchase the art either by clicking on an image or on the priceit / buy it button. Enjoy!

How to use Litscape Art

Artists are alphabetically indexed by last name in the Artists tab of the main menu.

Art Works are alphabetically indexed by title in the Titles tab of the main menu.

Artist navigation is located on the left hand side of the screen.
Titles Index: This takes you to a hyperlinked index of all art titles for a particular artist.
View Gallery: Browse the art for this artist, as thumbnails, in gallery pages.
Next Title: Takes you to the next title in the index.
Previous Title: Takes you to the previous title in the index.
Formats: On the art pages, if there is multiple formats for a title, these different formats display in a drop down box. Select these to look at the different formats.


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